Hidden Valley Ashram - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Hidden Valley Ashram - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Reserve a room or register for a Conducted Program at Hidden Valley Ashram

Hidden Valley Ashram is a monk's ashram of Self Realization Fellowship. Students of the Self Realization Fellowship lessons are allowed to live in the ashram and participate  with SRF monastics and lay disciples in all classes and meditations. 

Guests who have not signed up for the SRF lessons are welcome but are limited to a stay of 3-5 days. 

Conducted Program registration is limited to students of the SRF lessons.  Registrants for any of the Kriya programs must also provide proof that they are 

 Kriyabans of Self Realization Fellowship.

As a monks ashram we are unable to accommodate women. Retreats at Encinitas, Lake Shrine and Front Royal have facilities for men and women.